Subject: None
To: None <>
From: Sam Erez <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/11/2002 10:01:06
Attemps to build a full release on a sparc fail on binstall:

Populating `miniroot.fs.tmp'
Image `miniroot.fs.tmp' complete
/BUILD/destdir/usr/mdec/binstall -f miniroot.fs -m /BUILD/destdir/usr/mdec  
-i /BUILD/tooldir/bin/nbsparc-installboot -v ffs
Usage: /BUILD/destdir/usr/mdec/binstall [options] <"net"|"ffs"> <directory>
        -h              - display this message
        -u              - install sparc64 (UltraSPARC) boot block
        -U              - install sparc boot block
        -b<bootprog>    - second-stage boot program to install
        -f<pathname>    - path to device/file image for filesystem
        -m<path>        - Look for boot programs in <path> (default: 
        -i<progname>    - Use the installboot program at <progname>
                          (default: /usr/mdec/installboot)
        -v              - verbose mode
        -t              - test mode (implies -v)
*** Error code 1

* April 5th -current
* ro nfs mounted /usr/src
* rw null mounted /usr/obj
* SS10 platform
* April 5th -current OS previously compiled and installed in /:
  NetBSD qqq 1.5ZC NetBSD 1.5ZC (QQQ) #0: Tue Apr  5 13:14:47 EST 2002     
root@qqq:/BUILD/ICARE sparc
* ./ -d -r -O /usr/obj -D /BUILD/destdir -R /BUILD/releasedir -T 

I already tested several combinations, among them installing the -current OS 
in /, and carefully kept using the same sources without updating or altering 
them (ro). A complete build takes more than 24 hours (this is while this 
mail regarding April 5th is post today). I am now trying the game with a rw 
copy of /usr/src, probably the last try before giving up and waiting the 
official ready to use 1.5.3...

Any hint?


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