Subject: Makefile issues with last night's checkout
To: None <>
From: Jason L. Cook <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/03/2002 20:28:16
..or I'm doing something stupid.

Anyway, I did a checkout of last night's current source, and built my
kernel just fine. After a reboot, I try to do a 'make build' in
/usr/src, and receive the following:

"Makefile", line 125: Malformed conditional (${USETOOLS} == "yes")
"Makefile", line 125: Need an operator
"Makefile", line 127: if-less endif
"Makefile", line 127: Need an operator
Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

I took a look at the Makefile, and these are the relevant lines:

# Targets (in order!) called by "make build".

BUILDTARGETS+=  check-tools
.if !defined(UPDATE) && !defined(NOCLEANDIR)
BUILDTARGETS+=  cleandir
.if ${MKOBJDIRS} != "no"
.if ${USETOOLS} == "yes"
BUILDTARGETS+=  do-tools
.if !defined(NODISTRIBDIRS)
BUILDTARGETS+=  do-distrib-dirs
.if !defined(NOINCLUDES)
BUILDTARGETS+=  includes
BUILDTARGETS+=  do-lib-csu do-lib do-gnu-lib do-build

Now, I'm certainly no expert, but this syntax looks okay to me. Was the
Makefile in CVS broken, or am I just doing something really stupid?

Thanks in advance,