Subject: Help! Gphoto
To: None <>
From: D'Arcy J.M. Cain <>
List: current-users
Date: 04/01/2002 21:34:18
OK, here's the problem.  I am sitting in a motel room in Livermore, CA
at the start of my first vacation in 12 years and I have set up my
laptop to run gphoto under NetBSD 1.5ZC.  I just tried to upload some
pictures to make room for more and gphoto doesn't work.  I tried to
replace it with a compiled package from the NetBSD site and it needed
an older version of so I symlinked  Didn't
work.  I then built a package on my home system which is running the
same version and it failed as well.  The error is "Illegal instruction"
when I try to save the config file or access the camera after creating
the proper config file by hand.

So, I am looking for suggestions.  How do I get gphoto working?  Or is
there something else that I can use for a Kodak 215 Zoom?  I know that
there is a PCMCIA card that I can get that takes the small card and
makes it look like a PCMCIA storage card.  Will that work on NetBSD?

If all else fails maybe I can find some volunteers on the way that can
simply download the pictures and FTP them to my home.  As I said I am
in Livermore tonight and we will be travelling south for a while and then
back to SF.

If all else fails my final plan is to simply buy more cards to hold all
the pics we want to take but that seems like a silly idea.  Besides, we
were hoping to make the pics available as we travel.

Thanks for any help.

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