Subject: Problems with tool build?
To: None <>
From: Jeff Rizzo <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/27/2002 16:03:29
I've probably just screwed something up again, but starting with a 
completely clean & stock source tree, on a NetBSD-1.5Y/i386 system,
I get this when doing a ./ -t :

nbmake: "/usr/src/tools/Makefile" line 41: Malformed conditional (${MKTOOLS:Uyes} == "no" || ${USETOOLS} != "yes")
nbmake: "/usr/src/tools/Makefile" line 57: if-less endif
nbmake: "/usr/src/tools/Makefile" line 57: Need an operator
nbmake: Fatal errors encountered -- cannot continue

...this looks to me like "make" has been updated or something, but I
thought this was exactly the sort of problem the new framework was 
supposed to work around?  I also didn't see anything in UPDATING.

Someone please hit me with the clue by four...

Jeff Rizzo