Subject: port-vax: -current users: update your gas!
To: None <,>
From: Matt Thomas <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/23/2002 18:15:41
Warning: all the VAX assembler files have been changed to use a
register prefix when refering to a register (r0-r11,ap,sp,fp,pc).

This is required since under ELF symbols will no be prefixed by
an underscore so symbol references in the current a.out world
like:    pushab _pc
becomes: pushab pc
which caused gas to be very unhappy.  It thought you pushing the
address of the pc register and got very confused.

So now an instruction like subl2 $20,sp becomes subl2 $20,%sp and
all register names (in the ELF universe) must be preceded by %.
The ELF gcc has been taught to do this and all of the assembly
source and asm call have been changed to use %.

The a.out gas has been to deal with either the r0 or %r0 names so
it can deal with both the current output of your gcc and the updated
assembly files.

cd <top of source tree>
<setup compile variable>
cd gnu/lib/libbfd
make clean dependall && make install
cd gnu/usr.bin/gas
make clean dependall && make install

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