Subject: Re: pppoe documentation
To: None <>
From: Sean Finney <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/23/2002 18:23:15
thanks to those who responded to my last post--

my kernel definately does pppoe (didn't know about the -C
flag to ifconfig, thanks),  and I've downloaded/compiled/installed
the latest rp-pppoe package from their website, and everything looks
good, until it actually attempts to connect, at which adsl-connect
spits out the error "Modem Hangup", after trying to link ppp0 to ttypg,
if memory serves.  My apologies for not giving the actual log--this is
taking place at my apartment where there's no net, and it's a 10 minute
walk to here :)

My next question is, do I (like as it is in linux) need a specially
patched version of pppd to get this to work too?  I've just finished
reading Martin's documentation, and realized that I might have made a
typho in the config (I'll have to walk home to check, grumble), but
if that's not the problem and I don't need a special version of pppd,
I'm a little at a loss.

thanks for the help