Subject: Re: wi users - losing time?
To: Erik Reid <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/17/2002 12:49:54
>>> There were objections at the time. But in practice the wi driver is
>>> unusable on Lucent cards without this patch.
>>I found the real cause of the problem and fixed it - about to commit
>On an only barely related note, has anyone tried bridging between
>a wi device and some other ethernet device?
>I tried, and the briding only partially worked.. it would send packets
>from the wireless device to the ethernet device, but packets coming in the
>ethernet device that should have gone out the wireless device weren't.
>I've tried with multiple ethernet devices as well.  Also confirmed that
>ethernet->ethernet bridging worked fine with said cards.
>This is with:
>wi0 at pcmcia0 function 0: D, Link DWL-650 11Mbps WLAN Card, Version 01.02
>wi0: 802.11 address 00:05:5d:d6:2c:9a
>wi0: using RF:PRISM2 MAC:HFA3841 CARD:HWB3163-SST-flash, Firmware: 0.8 variant 2

i've found that newer cards, when put into promiscuous mode (as is
required by bridging) simply refuse to tramsmit.  they pick up packets
just fine, but never send anything.  as such, bridging between a wired
network and a wireless network is going to be very difficult.

fwiw, i've found that the older lucent cards that have the nice big
"wavelan" sticker (*not* the "orinoco" sticker) on them can do this
(promiscuous mode) just fine.

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