Subject: Re: Honorable Mention (Clue Category): "QVS"
To: None <nathanw@MIT.EDU>
From: Brad Spencer <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/15/2002 21:18:00
   Brad Spencer <> writes:

   > Hello... I got one of those...  yes, they are kind of neat...  The only
   > problem is that I can get it to work with my Toshiba laptop running
   > 1.5.1_BETA.  What OS's were you all runnning??

   I was running -current on my iBook (NetBSD/macppc).

   In order to work, the device needed the PQUIRK_ONLYBIG quirk enabled;
   I added that to the SCSI quirk list, but Lennart quickly replaced it
   with some code in the umass driver that sets PQUIRK_ONLYBIG for all
   umass/scsibus devices.

   Try adding this stanza to the big table in sys/dev/scsipi/scsiconf.c:

	   "General", "Flash Disk Drive",             ""},

	   - Nathan

That nearly did it...  I had to use SDEV_ONLYBIG, but the effect was the
same.  Things are working fine now...

For reference, this quirk also works on 1.4Y.  I didn't look closely, but
will this change be needed for 1.5.2 or later??

Thank you very much, in any case...  This little device is way neat....

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