Subject: Re: OBJDIRs that don't exist, in
To: Todd Vierling <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/14/2002 14:55:39
>: >: I had actually speculated about such in private e-mail with one of
>: >: the developers, in which case I suggested some flag could be set to
>: >: although I think I called it something like FORCEMKDIROBJDIRS which
>: >: would normally default false, but I didn't incorporate that into the
>: >: hack I added.
>: >
>: >It only requires you to create one directory; what's the big deal?  8-)
>: >If you want to nuke the contents without deleting the directory, simply do
>: >"rm -r -f /path/to/objdirs/*" rather than "rm -r -f /path/to/objdirs".
>: actually...that'll "fail" if /path/to/objdirs is a nfs mount point.
>: but i repeat myself.
>No, the latter case will fail -- and the latter case is the one I am saying
>is the *worse* of the two.

yes, the latter case will fail.  sorry, i wasn't clear.
unfortunately, the lastter case is exactly what uses to clean
out the objdir (and destdir).

>(You're on a different mental wavelength.  The original poster wants
> to create the top level objdir and skip the sanity check via yet
>another mk.conf option.  I was suggesting that he remove everything *but*
>the top level objdir, rather than nuking the top level directory.)

(no, i remember most of the thread, i just didn't worm my comments in
properly.  ;-]  i've been "bitten" by the same "problem" since i use

	BSDOBJDIR!=echo /usr/obj/${MACHINE}-on-`uname -m`

but i consider that making the directory is a very easy "*thwap* i
forgot that again?!" kinda thing.  i don't like simply removing the
top level directory since it'll fail if it's a mount point.)

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