Subject: Re: Something happened to -config
To: Xavier HUMBERT <>
From: Mark White <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/13/2002 00:29:24
Xavier HUMBERT writes:
> In message <>,
> Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> >usr.sbin/config is in the syssrc module, not basesrc

Sorry, I forgot to post the followup here: I was co'ing
whole src; but the error Mike Cheponis mentioned, related to
general cvs/rsync damage, stopped it in src/sys/arch/m68k.
So it does most of usr.sbin, but dies before usr.sbin/config.

> Anyway, last time (last week, in fact) I did a "cvs update -dP" into src,
> I got messages :
> P blah config.old
> P blah config.old
> but nothing was fetched, neither the directory created for
> usr.sbin/config

Yep; and config.old seem to be empty [in basesrc
at least?], so they get pruned by -P.

> It seems that Mark has to do a checkout again...

Manuel pointed out that using SUP, recent tgz files with
CVS/ dirs, or part of a recent checkout, should provide a
decent starting point; then cvs update should (mostly) work.

Mark <><