Subject: Re: Honorable Mention (Clue Category): "QVS"
To: M L Riechers <>
From: Peter Seebach <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/11/2002 13:59:43
In message <>, M L Riechers writes:
>So come on. Confess. Give.  What's the part number?

>I went to the QVS www site, and found a part number UR5FPT-D "USB
>5-in-1 w/Built-in 8inch Cable, supports CF/SM/SD/MMC/MicroDrive and
>works with Windows and Mac, USB 1.1 Compliant".  That seems to be
>about the only part that fits your description.

That sounds right.

Mine's labeled "FTP-D", and also labeled "US5L107".  It's the one with no
internal flash memory; apparently, they also make ones with an internal flash

QVS says that they get "inconsistent" results using all three drives at
once, possibly because of USB bus speed issues, so they recommend only using
one slot at a time.  I did verify that I can mount two at once, but I got
weird behavior trying to play an MP3 from one while browsing files on the