Subject: Re: CVS commit: [netbsd-1-5] basesrc
To: None <>
From: Ingolf Steinbach <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/10/2002 19:34:47
> Log Message:
> Today's set (getting closer):
>  o Upgrade IPFilter to 3.4.23.
>  o audio ctl: remove code to use stderr if stdout is audio device
>  o amiga boot code: add ashldi3 due to updated fs.h
>  o emuxki: don't set params on uninitialized ``voice''
>  o atapi_wdc: reset device on changing ATA mode, to retry command with new
>  mode o pciide(4): document Acard ATP-850/860 support
>  o pc532: db_trace.c fix to make it compile again
>  o mvme68k stand code: add ashldi3 due to updated fs.h
>  o yacc skeleton: move yyparse prototype to make it available to embedded
>  C o ac97.c: add accidentally omitted comma
>  o pccbb: make card insertion detection work properly
>  o kernel: widen cr_ref to prevent overflow; separate user-land view
>  o sparc intro(4): document HyperSPARC and sun4u support
>  o init: add optional "create MFS fs for /dev and create devices" support
>  o kern_descrip.c: fix LP64-BE bug
>  o top: display wait channels for sleeping processes
>  o sparc autoconf: parse boot path correctly with multi-char device
>  argument o i386 floppy Makefiles: remove leftover cruft
>  o vfs_cache.c: Improve computational complexity, fixes hangs under heavy
>  load o if_ne_pcmcia.c: add support for NEC 9801N-J12 card
>  o cobalt conf.c: catch up with ca* -> ld* renaming
>  o atari miniroot: increase size
>  o heimdal kadm5 library fix; create own param before marshalling, fixes
>  SEGVs o sun3 libsa: add ashldi3 due to updated fs.h

A big "thank you" to Havard and all the others who work hard
on 1.5.3!