Subject: Re: current build fails on postfix
To: None <>
From: BOUWSMA Beery <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/06/2002 10:31:36
%s wrote on %.3s, %lld Sep 1993

> > We don't have an official cvsup server. It may be that cvsup is your
> > problem somehow.

> It probably is due to corruption on the source tree mirror used.
> Due to a problematic upgrade at, several mirrors ended up
> with a corrupted source tree at the end of last week. Our
> * was one of the affected, and I believe
> and also. Things got back to normal by the end of last
> weekend. Maybe other mirrors had similar trouble.

Just for information, since I try to grab the CVS source tree with `cvsup'
for my own nefarious purposes, and I poke most swervers offering cvsupd:

I haven't been online for several days, so my source was a few days
out-of-date.  Meaning I expected to see deltas galore.

As of a few minutes ago, did not add a single
delta; rather, it deleted many files I obtained in my last update --
many gnusrc postfix files, and a bunch of basesrc distrib i386 floppies
files.  I'd hazard a guess this mirror is several days behind. seems to delete even more distrib/i386/floppies
files.  And deletes yet more postfix deltas and tags. seems (apart from the CVSROOT/ directory) to be a
nearly exact mirror image of, thus comparably
out-of-date. adds deltas to at least late 05.feb (yesterday) and
gives me back the above-deleted floppies, in the Attic, and likewise
the postfix deltas/files deleted above.  Which calls into question
(again) why I always seem to find inconsistencies between files in
the Attic on different mirrors, months or years later...

The cvsup server error messages that I had been seeing which I had
deduced indicated corrupted files on the mirror site itself are no
longer present, giving me a happy feeling (just to be safe, I'm doing
a second `cvsup' run without the `-s' flag in case the updated files
in my tree somehow don't match the list file contents).  It is indeed
a Thing of Great Beauty. at the moment is deleting a large number of the
deltas added by and so is lagging behind by some time that
I'll figure out when I re-cvsup from norway; however, I am getting an
RCS file error for doc/pkg-CHANGES,v

Oh, a few other RCS files on are corrupt too.

The deltas re-added from norway that are missing from appear
to be from after 23h on 03.feb, or about two days out-of-date compared
with what one can get from, the most up-to-date
mirror at the time I write this.

> Anyway, it sounds like you got hit by it. Apologies for the
> inconvenience, but things should be back to normal now.

Thanks for the update...

barry bouwsma, netscum