Subject: Re: HOST_OSTYPE not set right in
To: Greywolf <>
From: Tom Ivar Helbekkmo <>
List: current-users
Date: 02/06/2002 07:52:44
Greywolf <> writes:

> # the boggle thing actually involves host tools, since it needs to do
> # work targeted at the target machine, not the host machine.
> That makes *no* sense to me, could you try that again?

athene:tih> cd /usr/src/games/boggle/
athene:tih> ls
CVS/      Makefile  README    boggle/   mkdict/   mkindex/  obj.i386@ obj.vax@
athene:tih> ls boggle/
CVS/       bog.c      boggle.6   help.c     mach.c     obj.vax@   timer.c
Makefile   bog.h      extern.h   helpfile   obj.i386@  prtable.c  word.c
athene:tih> ls mkdict/
CVS/                          mkdict.c
Makefile                      obj.i386.NetBSD-1.5ZA-i386@
athene:tih> ls mkindex/
CVS/                          mkindex.c
Makefile                      obj.i386.NetBSD-1.5ZA-i386@

The obj.{target}.{buildhost} directories in mkdict/ and mkindex/ are
used to build tools that are executed on the building host to generate
the data files that go into the top level obj.{target} directory.  The
obj.{target} directory in boggle/ holds object modules and the
executable for the target architecture.

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