Subject: Re: CVS REPOSITORY IS BROKEN (Re: cvs checkout with tag)
To: None <>
From: BOUWSMA Beery <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/31/2002 21:44:18
Moin, moin!
%s wrote on %.3s, %lld Sep 1993

> Has anyone submitted this as a pr to the CVS group?  Or is this a
> (NetBSD) source tree (branch) maintenance issue?

Totally unrelated, but because `cvs' is under scrutiny here, I'd like
to see the `-R' option added to `cvs' for a read-only repository, since
I've set up a sort-of-mirror for NetBSD by cvsup'ing the repository,
which then is mounted read-only, and thus, as far as I can see, any
attempt under NetBSD to check out the repository fails.  (Don't have
the error, but it's easy to reproduce)

In order to actually do the checkout, I have to use the FreeBSD `cvs'
that does understand `cvs -R -d /mnt/cvsup/NetBSD... co src' and works.

I haven't checked if the pkgsrc version of `cvs' is different...

(I don't know if `-R' read-only is a FreeBSDism, or what, since I've
not looked into it in case someone agrees and sez `send patches')

barry bouwsma