Subject: Re: A new bug in src/ ?
To: Paul Goyette <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/29/2002 03:58:46
On Mon, 28 Jan 2002, Paul Goyette wrote:

: Now, I know that I shot myself in the foot on this, since I manually did
: a clean-up of old libraries.  But why, since bison is not part of
: NetBSD, is it trying to use my /usr/pkg/bin/bison during the build?  I
: thought that we were supposed to building all the build tools we need,
: including the tools to build the tools (recurse as much as needed)?

The stuff in src/tools is a first line of compilation.  It uses the GNU
"configure" scripts to build GNU tools, as there's little knowledge of the
host platform at that point.

Because of this, certain bits will attempt to use bison if it is available
-- but these same bits will also work fine with NetBSD yacc, which will be
used automagically as a fallback.

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