Subject: NetBSD source on case-retentive filesystems
To: None <>
From: Scott Hallock <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/28/2002 12:07:16
current-users looks to me to be the best place to discuss CVS and source 
issues.  Feel free to smack me if it isn't.

For a variety of reasons best left undiscussed, I would like to be able
to check out NetBSD source onto a case-retentive (not case-sensitive)
filesystem (either HFS+ on Mac OS X or NTFS on Windows 2000), and then
move the checked-out source onto my NetBSD system at a later time.  
Are there any file naming idioms in use in the NetBSD source (Makefile and 
makefile, for instance) that would make doing so difficult?

Also, is anyone else having problems with  Earlier
this morning it was refusing SSH connections, and now it's muttering
about not being able to find the CVS repository.