Subject: Re: Defeating probes?
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Lennart Augustsson <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/25/2002 19:37:41
Peter Seebach wrote:

> I have a device (the Griffin Powermate) which is a very flexible little
> gizmo.
> It probes as a HID, and all I can do with it is left-click, and move my mouse
> very slowly left and right.

Just an observation, your device must be lying and claim it's a mouse,
otherwise the mouse driver would not have picked it up.

> What's the correct strategy?
> 1.  Tell wscons not to use this device.
> 2.  Tell uhid not to probe this device.

Well, the uhid driver (instead of ums) might be what you want.
You can get this by specifying vendor and product for uhid
(which makes it attach with high priority).

In a similar way, ugen should also pick it up if you give it vendor
and product ids, but I never committed the fix for this to the ugen
driver because it had some problem.  I could look in to it again.

    -- Lennart