Subject: [ [pups] Unix Archive now available anonymously]
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Date: 01/24/2002 08:50:03
I thought some other NetBSD people would likely be interested.

Many thanks to Warren for his incredible progress over the past few
years in getting this code out to the public.


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Subject: [pups] Unix Archive now available anonymously
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	With the new Caldera license, the Unix Archive is now available to
you anonymously. You can throw away those passwords now. The list of
Archive mirrors is at:

and if you can become a mirror, please read

and send me some e-mail when you are ready to be added to the list.

I can tell you that up to now, 2,830 people obtained a SCO Ancient UNIX
license, of which 250 had to pay the US$100 to get it. I'll turn off the
CGI script which allows you to obtain a SCO license now ....

You know this means that Net/2, 4.xBSD and 2.11BSD are all freely available
now :)

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