Subject: Odd sh(1) behavior wrt $TERM?
To: None <>
From: Nathan Dorfman <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/21/2002 11:49:39
Hi all,

Has anyone seen anything resembling the following? This is from the latest
sparc64 snapshot (2001224). I apologize if it's known/fixed since then.

The problem is when I log in remotely (ssh, telnet) and have my TERM set
to something not recognized (such as "xterm-color", which isn't in NetBSD's
termcap). Naturally, I try to just change it to something supported, like
"xterm". But:

Welcome to NetBSD!

$ TERM=xterm; export TERM
$ echo $TERM
$ set -E
No entry for terminal type "xterm-color";
using dumb terminal settings.

Note that it's only sh(1) that fails to see the new value of $TERM --
if I run, say, vi, instead of set -E, it will work fine.

Anyone have any ideas? Otherwise, what should my next step be (I'm
presuming send-pr)??


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