Subject: Re: Need help with pkgsrc/net/citrix
To: Martti Kuparinen <>
From: Markus W Kilbinger <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/2002 10:15:29
>>>>> "Martti" == Martti Kuparinen <> writes:

    Martti> I have updated pkgsrc/net/citrix and tested it on i386.
    Martti> Could someone please test the new version on sparc and
    Martti> report the status to me as soon as possible.


Tried it on my ipx (sun4c) and sparcbook 3gs (sun4m), both running
-current (several days old): I've noticed the following pitfalls:

- If the final install directory (/usr/pkg/lib/ICAClient) already
  exists the whole installation process ends up in endless loop (some
  kind wrong answering the ica client installation script via < stdin)

- In opposit to i386 the sparc/solaris version strictly relies on
  existing /etc/icalicense/clientlicense containig an (any?) 8 digit
  hex coded 'serial number' > 0. Otherwise you'll get '29: Invalid
  serial number'.

  /etc/icalicense/clientlicense is neither created during 'make
  install/package' nor part of the created cirix_ica*.tgz.

  There is a lib/ICAClient/util/ in the package which
  isn't usable because it contains a wrong binary reference
  (/usr/lib/ICAClient/util/echo_cmd). The latter, called correctly,
  produces the only invalid serial number '00000000' on both of my
  sparc machines under svr4 emulation, I guess.

Correcting these two points the ica client works on both of my sparc
machines with a small misbehavior:

- The solaris ica client tries to call lpstat which is not present
  under NetBSD. I guess, it's no good idea to have lpstat installed
  under /emul/svr4...

Otherwise everthing seems to work fine.