Subject: RE: make build error
To: Frederick Bruckman <>
From: Brian A. Seklecki <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/20/2002 01:57:18
> Yes. Stop. What you should probably do, is "./ -t", then use
> the new toolchain to build the kernel, then "./ -u" (but you
> currently still need to update "make" for the last step).

...right, will do, now at that point, do all the remarks in UPDATING still

> You can build a kernel with the new toolchain via:
> 	cd .../conf
> 	/usr/src/obj/tools/tools.<platform>/bin/nbconfig <configfile>
> 	cd ../compile/<configfile>
> 	/usr/src/obj/tools/tools.<platform>/bin/nbmake dependall USETOOLS=yes
> Frederick



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