Subject: Renumbering a RAID device with raidframe autoconfig
To: None <>
From: Alan Barrett <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/19/2002 17:49:54
I have a RAID set that autoconfigures as raid4, and my root partition
is raid4a.  I want to renumber it to raid0 insetad of raid4.  I could
use a hex editor on the raw disk, but I would prefer a less dangerous

I tried the obvious, like:

	# boot to a non-raid root partition.
	# autoconfig finds and confuigures raid4.
	# mark raid4 as not autoconfigurable, and unconfigure it now
	raidctl -A no raid4
	raidctl -u raid4
	# configure a raid0 device, using a config file that
	# refers to the same underlying devices that were used
	# for the unwanted raid4 device.
	raidctl -c /etc/raid0.conf raid0
	# mark raid0 as autoconfigurable and a root candidate
	raidctl -A root raid0
	# see if it worked
	raidctl -s raid0 | grep "Last"

but after all that "raidctl -s raid0" still reports "Last configured as:
raid4", and on the next boot the device is again configured as raid4.

--apb (Alan Barrett)