Subject: Re: Setting up a sup server
To: Xavier HUMBERT <>
From: Manuel Bouyer <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/19/2002 15:38:57
On Fri, Jan 18, 2002 at 10:51:19PM +0100, Xavier HUMBERT wrote:
> Well, the man page for supservers(8) doesen't give a lot of details. The
> machine runs fine a a sup client. But I want to set it up as a sup
> server for other machines, I have half a dozen running -current, and a very
> slow internet link.
> I am confusing collection and release, it's even not clear in
> What I *get* on the server from is
> (output cutted)
> [xavier@arnor xavier]$ cat/etc/supfiles/coll.list
> current     release=allsrc prefix=/home/ftp/pub/sup/src-current ...
> release-1-5 release=allsrc prefix=/home/ftp/pub/sup/src-release ...
> current     release=pkgsrc prefix=/home/ftp/pub/sup/ ...
> current     release=doc    prefix=/home/ftp/pub/sup/ ...

I'm not sure what you mean with 'coll.list'. I think this is only used
by the client.

You have to create <base_directory>/sup/<collection>/{list,scan} directories
for each collection (e.g. <base_directory>/sup/current/{list,scan}).
here is an exemple for current collection:
In <base_directory>/sup/current/list create a file called
"allsrc" (so you'll have a "allsrc" release) with:
omitany *~
omitany */CVS*
omitany *.o
omitany */tags
upgrade README.export-control
upgrade src
omit src/domestic
rsymlink src

In <base_directory>/sup/current create a file called "releases" containing:
allsrc          list=list/allsrc        scan=scan/allsrc        prefix=/home/ftp/pub/sup/src-current

Then start the sup scanner:
/usr/sbin/supscan current <base_directory>

You can now sup from clients.

Manuel Bouyer <>