Subject: Re: panics when using updated pppoe
To: None <>
From: Rick Byers <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/17/2002 18:28:24
> > After rebooting, I tried bringing up pppoe again and this time I got a
> > panic:
> > amap_wipeout: corrupt amap
> Looks like something is writing to memory it should not touch. I'll audit the
> code and see if I can spot something.

After rebuilding my entire userland (was using Nov. 30th userland), the
problem went away!  Perhaps pppoectl was operating slightly differently
with the old userland, or maybe its not a pppoe problem at all but
ipf/ipnat or something.

Anyway, it seems to be working fine once userland and kernel are in
sync, so I'm happy :).