Subject: Re: cvs -I not working as intended?
To: None <>
From: John Darrow <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/15/2002 17:39:55
Todd Vierling <> wrote:
>cvs can't "ignore" entire directories.  It's for that reason that I had to
>yank src/dist/am-utils/aux and src/libexec/sendmail/aux directly from the
>master NetBSD tree to prevent cvs from creating these invalid directories on
>a msdosfs filesystem.

Unfortunately, this has left the netbsd-1-5 branch in a lurch -
though the files and directory in question were first cvs rm'ed from
-current (before the directory was nuked from the master CVS tree),
the cvs rm was never pulled up into the branch, so the branch still
has references to the files in question.  This has, among other things,
caused failures in the past two release-1-5 tree CVS updates (see a
sample below).

The Quick way to fix this would be to simply nuke the files from the
checked out directory on the ftp server, along with the reference to
the "aux" directory from the parent CVS/Entries file.  Unfortunately,
while this fixes things for people who sup, it still leaves other users
who have an anoncvs-checked-out netbsd-1-5 tree in the same bind of
having to fix it manually.

The Closer-to-Right (short of fixing cvs itself) way to fix this would
probably be to restore the files temporarily to the CVS server, push
through a cvs rm of the files onto the -1-5 branch, make sure the
triweekly CVS update has run, send out a general warning that users
with netbsd-1-5 trees should update before (some date), and then, once
again, remove the files.

Either way, until some sort of fix is made, the ptrace security fixes
recently pulled up into -1-5 won't make it to the sup or ftp servers
(because the CVS update dies before it hits those fixes)...


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