Subject: umount pending error
To: None <>
From: Paul Dokas <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/15/2002 14:49:22
For any X86 -current build since around 12/30/2001, I've been sporatically
getting the following type of error when I do a 'shutdown -h now':

  syncing disks... 5 done
  /usr: umount pending error: blocks 21800 files 1124
  /var: umount pending error: blocks 136 files 4

  The operating system has halted.
  Please press any key to reboot.

I only seem to get this after doing some rather heavy disk I/O (like
doing 'cd /usr/src ; cvs update -dP').  If I don't do a lot of disk I/O,
I don't have this problem.

Also, when I reboot this machine, I'll find that /usr and /var were
not shutdown cleanly.  They'll require an fsck to bring the back into
a usable state.  And, it's not just that the clean bit was not set;
fsck will find and fix lots of problems.

Anyone have any idea what's going on?  I can reproduce this problem on
at least 3 different X86 -current machines.  I'm glad to test out patches
for anyone able and willing to attempt a fix.

Paul Dokas                                  
Don Juan Matus:  "an enigma wrapped in mystery wrapped in a tortilla."