Subject: promise TX2 with master+slave
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List: current-users
Date: 01/15/2002 09:06:09

I got two Promise Ultra100/TX2. I made different testing and here is a

- with one drive on each channel (i.e. 4 drives) every thing works fine.
  A can do a ccd or a raid on all of these. 

- with 2 drives per channel (8 drives of 30 GB), I can access any of
  them. They seem to be probed correctly, but I get timeouts when
  accessing them. Them same hardware configuration works fine with
  Windows2000 and a stripped volume across all eight drives.

  This seems to happen whatever the drive is. The drives I used were
  from IBM. A small Seagate drive of 4.3 GB showed the same behavior.

  I only tried the primary channel, and as I don't have the drives any
  more (took them from work during the holydays) I can't do these tests
  again. But I think I can manage to have two drives.

Sorry for this late reply, but I read this list through the web archive.


> Manuel Bouyer wrote:
> Hi,
> Someone is reporting me a strange problem with a Promise Ultra100/TX2:
> when 2 drives (master+slave) are attached to the primary channel the
> adapter behaves in a very strange way (bus-master DMA registers returns
> nonsense, for example). When the exact same drives are plugged to
> the secondary channel all is fine. If only one master is plugged to the
> primary channel all is fine too.
> Did someone else test a TX2 with 2 devices on the primary channel ?
> This is so strange that I suspect his adapter may have a problem ...