Subject: Re: cardbus fwohci detach
To: Laine Stump <>
From: Love <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/10/2002 00:45:42 (Laine Stump) writes:

> On that topic, I have an IDE CD-RW, and have seen several external
> enclosures with firewire<->IDE controllers in them. Does it make any
> difference which one I get? (I'm assuming that once you have SCSI over
> firewire, that it will be able to talk to one or another of these
> controllers, right?)

The magic word to look for is SBP2 (scsi over (memory mapped) serial bus)
compatibility. If it works w/o drivers for MacOS or Windows its probably a
sbp2 device.

> > I've started to write some sbp2 code (scsi over firewire). They can be
> > found here: <> (patch 4).
> What do I need aside from the firewire card in order to be help
> testing? If my getting one of the abovementioned disk enclosures would
> help, I'll order it today! ;-)

A sbp2 fw device.

Testing doesn't really help if you can't help me figuring out whats
wrong. Right now there seems to be some basic problem with the ohci1394
driver since it can't read the rom of the devices I have (works in linux).