Subject: Re: cardbus fwohci detach
To: Love <>
From: Laine Stump <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/09/2002 15:15:56
Love <> writes:

> Even more follow-ups to myself. Are there other people interested of
> firewire stuff for netbsd ?

Very definitely! I have a cardbus firewire card (IBM brand, recognized
by the current ohci driver), and want to use it to connect a CD-RW
disk to my laptop (also digital camcorder, if I ever find decent
software for video archiving/editing, but that's longer term).

On that topic, I have an IDE CD-RW, and have seen several external
enclosures with firewire<->IDE controllers in them. Does it make any
difference which one I get? (I'm assuming that once you have SCSI over
firewire, that it will be able to talk to one or another of these
controllers, right?)

> I've started to write some sbp2 code (scsi over firewire). They can be
> found here: <> (patch 4).

What do I need aside from the firewire card in order to be help
testing? If my getting one of the abovementioned disk enclosures would
help, I'll order it today! ;-)