Subject: Re: filesystem sharing between *BSDs on x86
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From: Julio Merino <>
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Date: 01/08/2002 18:26:40
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On Tue, Jan 08, 2002 at 03:56:10PM +1100, Christopher Vance wrote:
> I note that NetBSD and OpenBSD (now) have their own partition types,
> distinct from the old 386BSD one still used by FreeBSD.
> I note that FreeBSD (now) has per-partition disk labels, requiring
> relative offsets within partition, while NetBSD and OpenBSD have
> per-disk labels, requiring absolute offsets within disk.
> Assuming I put the right values into the relevant disk labels, is
> there some way that <x>BSD can read and/or read-write ffs partitions
> created by <y>BSD for <x> !=3D <y>.  (The partitions are all on the same
> disk, so I'm looking at mount -t ufs ...)
> Which combinations can read?  Which combinations can write?
> Are the on-disk structures similar, or have they diverged in
> subtle/dangerous ways?

NetBSD understands FreeBSD disklabels. It will notice you with something
 WARING: old disklabel type
But ignore it. NetBSD will read partitions inside the disklabel perfectly.
But be careful about utilities that can write to it, such as mbrlabel.
If you run it forcing the write... heh, you won't like it, belive me.


> Any caveats?
> --=20
> Christopher Vance
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La ignorancia es la felicidad.

Julio Merino (Slink) <>

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