Subject: Re: 1.5Y/XF86 and Netscape crashes!
To: Lars-Johan Liman <>
From: None <>
List: current-users
Date: 01/08/2002 12:08:35
In message <>Lars-Johan Liman write
>Does anyone else have problems running Netscape under FreeBSD
>emulation on 1.5Y?
>If I try, the machine reboots wihout a whisper. Netscapes starts
>rolling (I know the sound of that) but the window never appears, and
>suddenly _bang!_ all goes black, and it starts counting memory. No
>core dump, no nothing, just hard reset. I haven't done it more than
>5-6 times (the fsck is a pain to avoid), but it is perfectly
>repeatable. It _MIGHT_ be coupled to generating an X11 "event" (like
>moving the mouse, touching the keyboard, clicking the mouse etc.), but
>I can't say for sure. It's seems to happen on its own too, without me
>touching anything (lots of X11 events going on anyhow, especially at
>client startup, I know).

Heh, I can do you one better -- I have this happening regularly with
a Netscape 4.78 (with Linux emulation) and I got sick of this and 
switched over to native mozilla (from
releases/mozilla0.9.7/mozilla-i386-unknown-netbsdelf1.5.2.tar.gz) and 
it still happened!  I'm running code that I snagged before Christmas, 
so I'm sort of naively hoping that it'll be magically fixed when I 
slap a more recent kernel on there.

Does anybody have some tips on how to debug this sort of thing?
I tried setting a serial console, but then you can't run X!