Subject: cyrus-imapd and mmap(2)
To: None <,>
From: Rob Hoopman <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/09/2001 22:41:43
Hi all,
sorry about the cross-posting, I didn't know which list would be more 

Does  cyrus-imapd still suffer from the mmap  interaction problems wrt 
I've been look for an imap server for some time now and  decided on 
cyrus because all the mmap problems seem to ba dating back 3 or so years.

After trying to dump a few hundred mails into one of the user mailboxes 
it corrupted it's mail database fairly quickly, maybe I should have 
asked the list before installing it in the first place and this is still 
a know problem?

BTW: I decided on cyrus because of it's support for sieve server side 
filtering (procmail wouldn't be really an option because there are a 
couple of windows users/boxes using it). Does anyone have any experience 
with imap server side filtering? Besides the obvious procmail and 
friends I haven't been able to come  up with anything besides sieve 
which isn't too much help at the moment because the only a handfull of 
MUA's supporting it.