Subject: RE: Heads Up: via IPv6
To: 'Hal Snyder' <>
From: Jeroen Massar <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/08/2001 10:00:09 wrote:
> >> We're still working on a "see the dancing daemon" feature - if
> >> someone knows how to implement that, we'll be happy to hear about
> >> it. (We already have the anim-gif ;-)
> 	in cgi script, look at $REMOTE_ADDR.  it has either numeric IPv4
> 	address or numeric IPv6 address in it.

Simplest way is to check if there are any dots ('.') in that string == IPv4
::ffff: == IPv4 in IPv6 way
3ffe:7357::1 == IPv6 "native"

Oh btw... above behaviour depends on the version of Apache and the
So sometimes the middle version doesn't pop up... but the dot-check
stays valid...
And don't complain if you got resolving turned on ofcourse...

> >Didn't Kame patent that?  ;-)
> 	no:-)
They should 'patent' or whatever that nice cuddly Kame (The turtles)
though ;)