Subject: 1GB Microdrive works fine under 1.5.2, ties up machine on
To: None <>
From: Vincent L. Reed <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/2001 22:20:29
   I have a 1GB microdrive that is detected and registered just fine on my 
Compaq Armada laptop
using a freshly built generic_laptop kernel with no mods. I prepared the 
microdrive for use with the
hpcmips port on my ePods with a cross-compiled TX3922 kernel, but the drive 
doesn't get registered.

So I started stepping up to 1.5Y (supped -current on 10/30, and built the 
generic_laptop kernel) following
the instructions in /usr/src/UPDATING. With the first kernel built ( no 
OPTIONS i686_CPU...), the system
works fine, so long as I don't add the microdrive.

If I do, then the microdrive is detected as an ST506 device, and what 
happens after detection depends
on whether or not the kernel contains ddb: if yes, I get kicked into the 
debugger. If no, the machine gets
wedged trying to talk to the drive and losing interrupt on each attempt. At 
this point,. removing power is
the only reliable method of rebooting the machine.

I'd include the dmesg output, but it's difficult to capture with the 
machine getting wedged...

Thanks for any help,

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