Subject: Trident 4DWAVE based sound driver
To: None <>
From: SOMEYA Yoshihiko <>
List: current-users
Date: 11/01/2001 02:12:30

Trident 4DWAVE based sound driver (Trident 4DWAVE DX/NX,
SiS 7018, ALi M5451) is available for test at .
It was originally written by me, ALi and some part written
by Kurosawa-san <>.

config like this:

	autri*	at	pci? dev ? function ?
	audio*	at	autri?
	midi*	at	autri?

 - Tested on 4DWAVE NX and ALi M5451. All with NetBSD/i386.
 - Both playback and record are supported for the native PCI
  audio block.

SOMEYA Yoshihiko <>