Subject: build failure 1.5Y i386
To: None <>
From: Christopher JS Vance <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/31/2001 13:59:49
I recently installed the late August 1.5X snapshot on a Cyrix x86
machine.  (I want to filter ipv6 using the same program as I use for
ipv4, so none of the other *BSDs will do.  I have a number of years
experience is with FreeBSD stable (from 2.2.6 up to 4.4, although I
occasionally compile FreeBSD current.  I also briefly looked at
OpenBSD 3.0-beta.)

Is there a later binary snapshot (for i386) than 29 August?  I looked
on in arch/i386/snapshot and couldn't find one.

Feeling that this might be a little old, and wanting a self-
reproducing machine, I updated sources at various times using anoncvs,
cvsup, and rsync, and then cvs from my repository copy.  (I find
updating the whole cvs repository takes ages over my adsl link, and it
took a large part of my month's quota, so I don't want to do it too

I have successfully built a custom kernel (calls itself 1.5Y), but I
don't think that's particularly relevant to my current question,
except to prove I can do some things.

My /etc/mk.conf says

| MKTOOLS=        yes
| OBJMACHINE=     yes
| MKOBJDIRS=      yes
| TOOLDIR=        /usr/tools
| BSDSRCDIR=      /usr/src
| BSDOBJDIR=      /usr/obj


When I try to build userspace I get (for make, no arguments, invoked
after make obj)

| all ===> lib/libkrb5
| make: don't know how to make /usr/src/lib/libasn1/krb5_asn1.h. Stop
| make: stopped in /usr/src/lib/libkrb5
| *** Error code 2

and (for make build)

| build ===> mdsetimage
| rm -f a.out [Ee]rrs mklog core *.core  mdsetimage mdsetimage.lo nb_progname.lo  
| mdsetimage.ln nb_progname.ln  
| rm -f i386--netbsdelf-mdsetimage.cat8
| rm -f .depend /usr/src/tools/mdsetimage/../../gnu/usr.sbin/mdsetimage/tags 
| cc -O -include /usr/src/tools/mdsetimage/../compat/compat_netbsd.h -Wall    -I/u
| sr/src/tools/toolchain/obj.i386/toolchain/bfd -I/usr/src/tools/mdsetimage/../../
| gnu/usr.sbin/mdsetimage/../../dist/toolchain/include -c -o mdsetimage.lo /usr/sr
| c/tools/mdsetimage/../../gnu/usr.sbin/mdsetimage/mdsetimage.c
| /usr/src/tools/mdsetimage/../../gnu/usr.sbin/mdsetimage/mdsetimage.c:54: bfd.h: 
| No such file or directory
| *** Error code 1

Having attempted to install those bits which built, I can no longer
use cvs (it complains about something in libgssapi, presumably related
to the first problem).  (I can reinstall the 1.5X base.tgz, or run cvs
on a FreeBSD machine mounting this area via nfs to update sources, if
this is likely to be helpful.)

What I would like out of this is a machine with sources which compile
to binaries which actually run, with working ipv4 and ipv6 filtering.

Should I clean out /usr/src?  Turn some knob to disable Kerberos?
Wait?  Give up?

Christopher Vance