Subject: Re: querie
To: Murray C Dimes <>
From: Amit Kulkarni <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/30/2001 20:04:34
You have to install some sort of Window manager/desktop.

I haven't used a 4 CD set, probably you can unzip the pkgsrc.tar.gz
onto /usr and go to x11/kde2 or x11/gnome and do a make install which
will take a long time to compile mostly gets done in a night for KDE2

Look at this page for help on packages

Or just do a pkg_add on the base KDE2 distribution and it will pick up
the binary files from the /All folder as mentioned in the guide.


> It says it comes with Gnome and KDE.
> Im used to Libranet Linux (Debian) and heaven forbid 98 :)

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