Subject: Re: -current build failure in yet a new way
To: gabriel rosenkoetter <>
From: Amit Kulkarni <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/30/2001 12:05:58
Wait until Todd & company gets a chance to look into all these issues.
They maybe in the middle of something when the tree may be unclean. If
these problems are not documented in UPDATING and not in any archive
then just hold off for a while, post them but don't expect anything for
some time.. They may slowly get resolved over the course of this week,
I expect that other BSD's follow us in this innovation and newbies like
us will just have to do just the long promised make build to build

> Why has libiberty.a not yet been built? It comes well before gas
> in the SUBDIRS line in obj/tools/toolchain/toolchain/Makefile...

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