Subject: in-kernel pppoe success !
To: None <>
From: pascal <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/30/2001 19:23:24
Hello all,

I have just migrated a Centris 650 macintosh (netbsd 1.5.2) from rp-pppoe to
the kernel implementation,
and it works quite better ! (512Kb/s link - I was previously cpu bound at
30KB/s, now I get 60KB/s and top says 99% idle ... Is it lying ?)

Got it working after :
    - installing ispppcontrol binary from latest snapshot (was not included
into 1.5.2 distrib);

    - adding homebrewed mss clamping code into if_pppoe.c (I am the victim
of a blackhole router), to mimic the CLAMPMSS option of rp-pppoe, and
compiled a pppoe-aware 1.5Y kernel (on a i386 box, using the cross compiler
package. Nice stuff :-) ).

    - using the man pages to set up the link:

        ifconfig pppoe0 create
        ispppcontrol -e ae1 pppoe0
        ispppcontrol pppoe0 myauthproto=pap myauthname=<name>
myauthsecret=<secret> hisauthproto=none
        ifconfig pppoe0 mtu 1452 up
        route add default

Now some questions, for those who know :

- Is it possible, with the current version , to have automatic reconnection

- Is there a better (known, working) method to handle the mss problem,
rather than hacking the tcp options at the interface level (I did not found
anything in the ipfilter / ipnat doc about it, and I dont want to set the
max mss value on all the boxes of my private network) ?

- Is it possible to compile only a subset of the userland commands (namely
ispppcontrol, ipf and ipnat) ? On the mac, compiling takes forever, and I
did not succeed in setting up the cross compiler for user mode stuff ...