Subject: userland building problems ( was make obj problems )
To: None <>
From: Amit Kulkarni <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/27/2001 15:15:16
Thanks for that Eric,

I am trying to build userland for the first time,this one works , then
another problem crops up , setprogname() which needs libc to be built
which needs lint to be built and so on.

It's difficult for those who came in late to keep track and find what
is what. It's frustrating to see the build keep failing everytime. Can
some person who is capable of resolving all such issues sit down and
fix all such things in all possible places for their arch? I mean why
should something that changed in August still be relevant today ? The
build should have taken care of that!

What happens is that ultimately some people will lose interest and it's
not productive to spend time which can be spent learning the wonders of

Hope that makes sense and people take this in a positive way.
> I suppose those could be improved to include the easier to do
> instructions.
> (like just remove I686_CPU from the kernel config.)
> eric

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