Subject: Re: UBC and occasional-use apps
To: Peter Seebach <>
From: Rick Kelly <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/25/2001 20:16:12
Peter Seebach said:

>So, if I don't browse any web pages for a few minutes, Mozilla gets paged


>It takes upwards of thirty seconds to get it to refresh its display, on a
>1Ghz system with ~256MB of RAM.

The system that I use for chasing -current is a P200 MMX with 128MB. I've
been chasing -current on this machine since it went ELF.

After UBC was introduced, performance for Netscape went down over a 6 month
period. When Chuck started doing little fixes to UBC/UVM, I started doing
a CVS update everytime I saw something new in source change digest. Right now
I am at:

NetBSD 1.5Y NetBSD 1.5Y (ROOTHOG) #45: Wed Oct 10 21:57:09 MDT 2001 i386

At the worst point, while using Netscape to read USENET, if I switched to a
different virtual desktop (KDE), Netscape would page out completely, and
wouldn't always come back.

Currently, I can switch to another app on another desktop and return to
find that netscape is ready.

I just pulled some iso files over to the -current system. This caused
netscape to page out until there was 5 megs left in memory. When the
ftp was done I switched to the netscape window and it refreshed in less
than 2 seconds.
Rick Kelly