Subject: Re: tar tages ages on raid1/raidframe?
To: Hanno 'Rince' Wagner <>
From: Kazushi (Jam) Marukawa <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/21/2001 23:11:57
   On Oct 22,  1:08, "Hanno 'Rince' Wagner" wrote:
   > Subject: tar tages ages on raid1/raidframe?
   > This RAID-1 works fine, until I try to untar some stuff (or cp on
   > it). Suddenly, it takes ages to extract files from a tar-archive to
   > this filesystem.

I had the same trouble on my RAID5 using netbsd-current and
reported several weeks ago at i386-netbsd mailing list.  Bri
also sent a mail about untaring on regular file system using
netbsd 1.5.1.  You can see them by looking for messages with
"slow untar" in subject.

I haven't seen any reply to my mail, but two weeks ago
netbsd-current works well, so I guess it is one of kernel's
strange behaviors appeared recent days.  I don't know the
reason, but if you are not using current version of NetBSD,
just try it.

On the other hand, I experienced samba server problem.  It
became very slow using 10/6 NetBSD over a week.  I have to
restart samba server to get acceptable speed, but it is
still slower than regular.  I may need to reboot machine to
get full speed.  I'm not sure this is an application problem
or another kernel problem, though.

-- Kazushi