Subject: Switching 1.5.1 to current
To: None <>
From: Julio Merino <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/17/2001 23:06:47
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Hi all

I have an 1.5.1 installed and I would like to update it to -current, to
check recent changes, and mainly, to see how dirprefs changes perform.

But I've got into big trouble. I can't compile a new kernel as the first
step because I need a new a recent as. as doesn't compile because there
are other missing programs, other missing programs give lots of errors
while building...
I've read the UPDATING and have got some things compiling. I've got egcs
properly compiled but does not work: says that bfd.h (or
something like this) is missing. I've also compiled libc so some
programs do not complain of .h files.

Well, I'm asking myself if it is possible to switch a 1.5.1 to a current
release... Any points of help? I haven't found a good documento about
how to do a "make world" in NetBSD, while in FreeBSD there is one that
is very good.

BTW, I can't use a snapshot (specifically 1.5X) because the installation
system crashes when unpacking binary sets :(

Thanks a lot.

PS: I've seen sushi (a bit hard to get it working...). Really cool! ;)

Make a better partition table:

Julio Merino <> ICQ: 18961975

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