Subject: Re: asn1_compile SIG4 with hp300
To: None <>
From: Izumi Tsutsui <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/13/2001 03:30:19
In article <> wrote:

> The real problem is that when padding the text segment (for the .align
> directive, for example), gas(1) on m68k uses 0x0 instead of NOP.
>                 __asm (                                 \
>                 ".section "#sect",\"ax\",@progbits      \n"\
>                 #entry_pt":                             \n"\
> -               "       .align  4                       \n"\
> +               "       .align  2                       \n"\
>                 "       /* fall thru */                 \n"\
>                 ".previous")

Hmm, sparc_elf/dot_init.h has .align before #entry_pt label,
but i386_elf/dot_init.h claims:
"placement of the .align _after_ the label is intentional."
What is the intention, and which should the .align be placed
for m68k_elf?

> Someone who understands the {init,fini}_fallthru() better than I can
> comment on whether this is the *right* fix for m68k (other than fixing
> gas(1))...

On i386, we can make gas to use NOP (0x90) for padding
by the second arg of .align. But on m68k, NOP is not one byte
Izumi Tsutsui