Subject: Re: compiling -current with a release
To: None <>
From: Geoff Wing <>
List: current-users
Date: 10/11/2001 16:13:50
Michael Richardson <> typed:
:   I wanted to move my notebook to -current before doing some random pieces
: of work on some drivers (esm, some IPsec stuff...) 
:   It is currently running 1.5.2.
:   Oops. 
:   My guess is that someone went and upgraded "as" in -current to handle this.
:   That's great. 
:   But being able to compile the next version of the source with a released
: version of the source is pretty reasonable. Particularly a kernel. Otherwise
: there are horrible chicken and egg problems. 

That's the whole purpose of src/UPDATING (there's an entry there
under 20010803)

:   If I turn off I686_CPU (I have a PIII. Is that I787?) will I pooch myself?

Under i386, as long as you specify support for any CPU level at or below the
level of the machine you wish to run it on, you'll be OK.  Oh, and P-III is
still I686_CPU (with probeable features - i.e. see current support for MTRR).
Yes, it's hard to tell what I?86_CPU level is available since Intel can't get
themselves to say Hexium (or Sexium) yet so it's hard to see us ever getting
past Pentium-something :-)

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