Subject: Re: HEADS UP: new toolchain info! (now default on i386)
To: Ian Fry <>
From: Todd Vierling <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/28/2001 10:30:21
On Fri, 28 Sep 2001, Ian Fry wrote:

: In fact, after another attempt (following an update), none of the binutils or
: texinfo tools get installed into the cross toolchain tree.

There's a PR on this, and I now know what is causing it.  This will be fixed

: However, I'm getting lots of messages like this when building libraries:
:    building standard c library
:    trap: Illegal number: EXIT
:    trap: Illegal number: HUP

This was mentioned (albeit vaguely) in the original post -- it's a harmless
warning issued by "lorder".  I'm going to put a workaround into

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