Subject: Re: Kernel panic while copying file from ados fs
To: Petri Tapio Koistinen <>
From: Martin Weber <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/28/2001 10:37:54
On Fri, Sep 28, 2001 at 09:54:49AM +0300, Petri Tapio Koistinen wrote:
> Hi!
> Have somebody else also noted that copying file from disk with ados
> filesystem causes kernel panic or am I only suffering from this.
> I think this started happening after those UVM changes, as have seen some
> error "UVM fault: locking against myself". Maybe I'll do a PR.
> Petri
No, but a similar error, and too few nerves to search for the fault,
bake a new kernel with remote debugger etc. made me stop my investigation -
I had the same thing with a 1.5-current (Y) from 10 days before, shortly after
pool-in with new_pipe enabled, while rm -rf'ing /usr/src and /usr/pkgsrc because
either I'm too drunk, or cvs update -d -P does not what I'd like it to do, but
that's another story - anyways, had a kernel fault, was dropped into the debugger,
and when I was going for sync, it had the very same message like you see now,
all errors in uvm-whatever. I hope I have time (and the nerves) this weekend
to try and have it crash again. My problem was btw, that after the reboot 75%% of
my (percent, not permille, pardon) apps wouldn't run . Like telnet <adress> - could
not execute bla bla [as I said, trying to do this again this weekend]. I for myself,
for my working machine, decided to stick with 1.5.2 until I could recrash and have
someone tell me that it's fixed ;>

Martin Weber
1984 is NOW