Subject: Re: HEADS UP: new toolchain info! (now default on i386)
To: Ian Fry <>
From: Gregory McGarry <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/26/2001 07:47:00
Ian Fry wrote:

> > * The system can now cross-build the standard "make build" from a 1.5 host,
> >   but automated kernel builds ("make release") have not been twiddled yet.
> >   This is coming next week.  (Also, "lorder" will bitch about the use of
> >   symbolic names with "trap" in sh(1); this is harmlessly verbose, and I
> >   will work around it later.)
> I've tried this several times now, on my 1.5.2 i386 (+ updated make) machine
> at home, but the build fails during 'make includes' trying to build
> 'compile_et' (it complains about {get,set}progname when linking). There is a
> compile_et binary in my build tools tree, but it doesn't appear to being
> used.

A fix for this has been committed.
	-- Gregory McGarry <>