Subject: Re: access point list from Lucent wireless cards
To: Jasper Wallace <>
From: Andrew Brown <>
List: current-users
Date: 09/19/2001 21:01:30
>> we currently have the bpf tap attached after the pseudo ethernet
>> header is constructed, so 802.11 packets end up looking like regular
>> ethernet packets.  would it be outlandish for me to suggest an ioctl
>> to frob this?
>Isn't that how linux does it (802.11 looking like ethernet packets)?

i hope we don't start doing things just to remain compatible with
linux.  :)

that said, i think that being able to attach a bpf to a wi and choose
which form of packet you got would be "really neat".  currently you
only get a dix ether packet.

>If it is it would be nice to remain (or become) compatible so we can use
>ethereal etc to analyse the packets...

there is a patch (or patches) for ethereal to get it to recognize and
properly decode and tear apart a complete 802.11 packet.

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